Ultimate Back Workouts Tips

Ultimate Back Workouts Tips

Ultimate Back Workouts Tips

My physique is a product of hard (Back Workouts Tips )work in the gym and serious dedication to my nutrition today I’m going to take you through my back workouts it’s gonna be a hypertrophy workout it’s also gonna burn a lot of calories we’re gonna do drop sets giant sets and Inter set stretching we’re gonna start off with the overhand wide grip barbell row going into weighted pull-ups and then we’re gonna move on to dumbbell rows and the fourth exercise is underhand pull downs when I move on to Close Grip cable rows then we’re going to move on to a dumbbell incline bench row then we’re gonna finish off of the giant set it’s gonna be a wide grip pull down and then with a straight arm pull down then a low cable rope row so dear my hypertrophy workouts I normally like to rest around 60 seconds so one minute to a minute 20 max the workout should last around an hour to an hour and thirty minutes alright let’s go ahead and get started with this workout.

Ultimate Back Workouts Tips

Bent over barbell raw

Alright so we’re gonna start off with the wide grip bent over barbell row we’re in do 5 working sets whereas start off with 2 warm-ups and the last set will be a triple drop set and each set I’m actually going up and weight and down in reps so we’re gonna be going from 12 to 10 to 8 to 6 and then to 4 on the fifth set that’s when we’re gonna implement the triple drop set when I do a bit over barbell row I like to start off with my back straight and then lean forward so about a 45 degree angle I like to let my lats and arms go all the way down and then pull up so we’re gonna be using the triple drop set just to really get the reps out so we’re doing really heavy for four reps then we drop in the weight I’m dropping it by 20 pounds and doing as many as I can which is only around four to six reps and then I’ll be dropping again with another 20 pounds and then doing that again for his mini rep so we’re hitting failure on every single set on the second exercise we’re going to be doing wide grip weighted pull-ups.

Weighted pull-up

We’re going to be doing five sets of eight to twelve reps now what I’m really focusing on when I’m doing wide grip pull-ups is really just squeezing my back and going all the way down releasing my lats and then pulling back up trying to get close to perfect reps as I can even with heavy weights now of course if you cannot do weighted pull-ups bodyweight pull-ups is just fine but you want to be hitting around 8 to 12 rep range all right moving on to the third exercise we’re going to be doing single arm dumbbell rows or be doing six sets three sets normal dumbbell rows and then three sets swinging dumbbell rows for the standard row I’m really focusing on going all the way down and then squeezing trying to get my elbows back as far back as possible.

Now the swing rows are a little bit different so instead of just like a normal dumbbell row that you’re just pulling back your elbows you’re really trying to focus on the squeeze so I’m actually have to go down in weights but I’m really focusing on the back of that motion just pausing for a split second and then letting it release what that is doing is actually working a different part of the back you’ll feel the difference when you have it right all right we’re gonna be moving on to the fourth exercise which is underhand pull downs where we going for 4 sets of 10 to 12 reps all right when I’m doing the underhand pull downs my hands are about shoulder width apart I’m really focusing on keeping my back straight and really pulling my elbows down as far as possible and this part of the workout I’m really starting to feel it in my lats doing all these pull-downs and rows you’re really gonna start getting fatigued but you just got to keep pushing through it.

Close grip Dumbbell row

Fifth exercise we’re gonna be moving into a Close Grip seated cable row burn be going for four sets of ten to twelve reps during this exercise I’m really gonna be focusing on pulling my hands out and squeezing see me go back and rest at the back position with my back straight that really helps it’s actually a pause rest so it actually helps me get in a couple more reps during that set all right moving on to exercise number six this is gonna be a prone dumbbell incline bench row or and be doing three sets so the first two sets are gonna be regular reps of eight to twelve reps and on the third set we’re going to be doing a triple drop set with interset stretching.

Back Workouts Tips

I really like doing the incline bench prone rows it really helps you to squeeze your back during the motion so you can’t really cheat you can’t use your lower back or anything else it’s just your back so you’re trying to really squeeze your elbows back on the third set we’re going to be doing intercepts stretching so what this is you’ll do anywhere from eight to twelve reps and then you’re gonna hold the bottom position for thirty seconds and then you’re in drop the weight grab another set of dumbbells do another eight reps and then stretch for thirty Seconds again drop that weight grab another set of lower dumbbells and then do as many reps as you can and then hold that stretch again on the very last thirty seconds you’re gonna end with a positive rep and then drop the weight.

Gaint sets

So we’re gonna wrap up this workout with a giant set all these rep ranges are going to be from 10 to 15 reps just pretty much as many as I can do so I’m going to go into failure on each one we’re gonna start off with wide grip pull downs straight into a straight arm pulldown and then into a rope low cable row now on the wide grip pull downs you really want to focus on keeping your back straight and it’s all about the form here so I’m gonna drop the weight and really just focus on the squeeze all the way down and all the way up let my lats release at the top and then pulling back down now doing the straight arm pull downs you really want to focus on keeping your arms straight and just squeezing the whole time during that whole motion doing the low rope cable row this is all about just squeezing pumping as much blood into that muscle as possible you know you’re not doing heavy weight so just go through it and just pump it out at the end of this workout you should really be feeling it this is a great workout to you know build muscle and at the same time burn a lot of calories now if you’re looking to really build your back I would really recommend throwing this back workout into your routine just to really break plateaus now the full breakdown of this workout. Thank you >>

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