Total Delt Definition Routine

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Total Delt Definition Routine

Today I’m going to take you through a shoulder workout (Total Delt Definition Routine) the goal of this workout is to really focus and stimulate the shoulders as much as possible we don’t want to stay all day in the gym we want to just hit the shoulders all the heads really quick really fast a lot of intensity lot of reps this shoulder workout shouldn’t take you any more than about 45 to 60 minutes all right everybody let’s get after it so we’re gonna start with seated smith machine military press we’re gonna do six sets descending reps starting at 25 then we’re gonna drop to 20 reps we’re gonna do two sets of 15 reps and we’re gonna do two sets of 12 reps the purpose is why I like to do this kind of drop this isn’t six sets this is really like one major set where you’re doing a rapid drop from each set so you don’t want to take you know a minute between each set you want to take 30 seconds 20 seconds between each set the goal of this isn’t to use a lot of weight it’s just used lightweight and get a lot of blood into the muscles in a really short amount of time.

Total Delt Definition Routine

Champagne curls

The next exercise we’re gonna do our champagne curls these are much like the military press we’re gonna do a triple drop set here and we’re gonna start with 20 reps we’re gonna then go to 15 reps and then we’re gonna go to 12 reps it’s a staple in my shoulder workout it’s very much like the lateral raise although you can go a little heavier and you can cheat a little bit if you need to really focus at the top of the movement really focus on that contraction and you know imagine that you’re pouring out champagne bottles with both hands when you begin this exercise you want to have your weight selected what I like to do is I usually pick a weight that’s a moderate weight and from there I’ll drop five pounds for every set for example if I start with the 35s my second drop set is going to be with 30s and then my third and final drop set will be with the 25 the rest that you want to take in between each set is probably about 90 seconds you want to keep the intensity really high you want to keep your heart rate high and that’s why it’s important that you choose a weight that’s not too heavy the next exercise is front raise here we’re going to do four sets we’re going to do a triple drop again choosing your weight wisely you don’t want to go too heavy not too light I usually drop by five pound increments when I do my front raises so these front raises we’re gonna do alternating the rep range we’re gonna do 20 reps then 15 reps and then the third set will be 15 reps also.

High volume high intensity

It’s just high volume high intensity on these you can choose to supinate your grip if you want I like to choose a neutral grip and the object here is try to keep your arm as straight as possible and get that weight out as far away from your body as possible the next exercise we’re doing is machine shoulder press we’re going to do four sets starting at 20 reps 15 reps 15 reps and then 12 reps for the last set so we’re kind of transitioning to the machine at this point in the workout just because the muscles are more fatigued when the muscles are more fatigued you can kind of get out of alignment as far as your form and we really want to keep your form in check especially when we’re this petite than our workout so the next exercise we’re gonna focus on the rear delts we’re gonna do a bent over rear cable hole we’re gonna do four sets keep it at fifteen you want to keep the weight really light one of the things that I like to try to keep in mind and it’s try to pull the weight away from my body almost more towards my ear really focuses that contraction on the rear delt I really enjoyed doing the single arm rear delt cable over some of the machines.

Range of motion

Just because you have a little bit more range of motion and for me personally I can get that contraction a little better by just tweaking the angle which really focuses that contraction on that rear delt now we’re gonna move over to a rear delt machine really focusing again on those rear delts this time we’ll be doing both rear delts at the same time you’ll really build a squeeze that contraction again on this one you really want to try to emulate your elbows going higher opposed to them coming lower the lower you pull your arms you’re gonna get those lats involved you want to try to keep your elbows as high as possible and just simulate kind of pulling your elbows closer to your ears opposed to your back like a normal row the next exercise in the final exercise we’re gonna do is base poles we’re gonna keep this at 3 sets 15 reps for each set kind of the key here that I like to keep in mind is I like to get the adjustment set just a little lower of in my chest so when I’m pulling the rope towards my face it’s coming in at upward motions which again it keeps your lats out of it it really focuses the contraction on those rear delts.

Longer rope (Total Delt Definition Routine)

I like to do this exercise with the longer rope because it gives you enough room to really get that contraction you really get your your wrists and your hands kind of behind your head and if you can try to hold it for a second there really feel that contraction you don’t want to race with this exercise you don’t want to go too fast so the lighter is the better slower is better and really focus on that contraction once you’re locked in that position that’s the end of the shoulder workout and your shoulders should be pumped you should have had a really high intensity workout should kept your heart rate really high when it comes to how many times you should perform these exercises a week I really recommend just listening to your body but one to two times a week depending if your shoulders are a lagging body part should be more than enough the full breakdown for this workout is detailed down below on. Thank You >>

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