The Best Nutrition Plan For Beginner

Best Nutrition Plan

The Best Nutrition Plan For Beginner

I’ve been your training partner and (Best Nutrition Plan) trainer for many years now through various Article series where you’ve transformed with me you’ve built muscle with me and now it’s time to get shredded with me let’s do this diet is going to be very tough it’s going to be calorie restricted especially through your carbohydrates and your fats are going to be naturally occurring such as through your red meats through your fish and the supplementation that you’ll be taken through omegas the big picture for this program is taken in slightly less calories through your carbohydrate week-by-week we won’t start off by eradicating them all in week one we will start to take a little bit out of week one a little bit more out of week 2 week 3 and week 4 and then we’ll start carb loading a little bit for our after picture.

Best Nutrition Plan

Important diet

So it’s very important that you take those before and after pictures this diet is very old-school it’s very simplistic you know you’re eating a majority of your meals through frequencies so like six meals a day at least which I truly believe raises your metabolism and levels out your blood sugar levels it worked for all the top bodybuilders since Arnold’s day and before Larry Scott so you know if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it this program is a little bit different to other fat loss plans out there in the respect that you will be doing cardio non fasted so you’ll have your breakfast first a lot of people like to do fasted cardio and they you know may do cardio straight after their workout without having any nutrients in their body that’s how you’re going to lose muscle our job is to maintain it straight after your workout I like you to take your free form amino acids your protein powder you know you’re shuttling those nutrients into your body so you are anti catabolic the feedback and results.

That I’ve seen from clients and people that have followed this program has been absolutely fantastic that’s why I’m recommending to you because over a short period of the four weeks we’ve actually filed and tested the muscle loss and muscle gain and maintenance through people following this plan and there has been no muscle loss if anything that’s been maintenance or a little bit of gain due to the rescue recovery the supplementation the intensity of the plan and you know you’re still taken in the maintenance amount of protein and the supplementation the free form to eradicate any of that free radical damage that breaks down a lot of muscle tissue so the density fullness the separation and obviously the fat loss when you compare it to the actual weight loss has been absolutely phenomenal and over a four-week period it seems to be just right before going further down that track where you can potentially lose muscle.

Your carbohydrates

It’s going to change from week to week your carbohydrates will be reduced from week to week but your protein will stay the same that’s pretty much it you’re going to be training just four times a week and but you’ll be doing you’ll be doing cardiovascular exercise every single day twice a day and on your non training days you’ll be doing an increased amount I’ve never been one for really taking body fat I go by the mirror but for this plan I do recommend it and I take it myself on a weekly basis just to make sure that I am losing body fat but not so much muscle you will lose some weight though but everybody is going to be different it all depends how much weight that you have to lose but I myself will probably lose anywhere between one and a half to two kilos of body weight per week and then the big picture is clean calories.

I don’t believe in any cheat meals just a you know speed up your metabolism or anything like that but I do recommend that you increase your meal frequency over the duration of this course so week one eat like five or six meals week to six or seven week three seven or eight and then week four eight or nine you know you’ll be increasing bit by bit every week to maintain that metabolism but remember these calories are clean so you’re clean slow burning forms of carbohydrates like your rice like a quinoa like your oats like your sweet potato and your lean proteins like your egg whites your whey protein your poultry your red meat your naturally occurring fats obviously will come in as well as your amigas but everything is clean nothing is going to be like preserved or tinned or you know any fast foods obviously there’s no cheat days whatsoever.

Slowly lower the calories predominantly

We won’t be completely eradicating carbs in week one you’ll have obviously a higher amount but then we will reduce it week by week week two we’ll know a little bit more week three will lower it a little bit more again week four we start to lower and then slightly for those after pictures that we pump up for the Shred diet is a little bit different to the muscle building trainer diet in the respect that its color reversed we slowly lower the calories predominantly from the carbohydrates we’re in the muscle building train a week-by-week we were actually increasing and obviously your supplementation is going to be a little bit different where you can be focused on some more fat burning types of supplementation as opposed to complete muscle building types of supplementation so the food prep time for the muscle building trainer and the Shred trainer is going to be exactly the same you’re going to be eating the same sort of meal frequency.

You’re going to be eating the same types of foods obviously everything’s clean you’ve never been an advocate of eating obviously you eat you’re going to look like you’re going to put fuel in your body you’re going to get output so that’s why I recommend always clean calories so you’re shopping is pretty much going to be the same the food prep is going to be the same what you’re going to be ingesting is going to be same as just going to be the amount and the macro ratios are going to be slightly different so I developed this nutritional plan based on what I’ve trialed a narrowed on myself what I’ve done in the lab with my experts in the US and what I’ve done with clients you know it’s shown time and time again that it’s produced amazing results so other people may say well do this do that well you know success leaves clues and the success that I’ve had with my clients has told me to stick to this plan and that’s why I’m prescribing.

Important nutritional plan

It to you and I’m going to show you on myself as an example that it can be done like I always say that knowledge without mileage is so I’ve got the knowledge now I’m going to put in the mileage and always hold your hand to you know to show you exactly how to do this as your free trainer now it’s very very important that you stick to this plan exactly as I prescribe don’t think that you could follow a nutritional plan that another expert has recommended or training program or like HIIT cardio for this program it’s steady state the reason being is that this works all synergistically there’s a reason why I have put the nutritional plan next to the training and the training next to the cardio it’s because they all work synergistically together and they’re all pointing in the right direction so don’t try to mix and match because it’s not going to work for you so now I’m going to tell you what I eat and how I eat and this is exactly the same sort of plan that you’re going to be following.

So in the morning basically I like to have like something that’s very light on the stomach whether that be egg whites or whether that be whey protein mixed with oats you know I like to have it you know light in a summer because I’ll train earlier in the morning but obviously we’ve gone through an eight hour fast so it makes sense to have something lighter again after the workout I like to have a light form of protein but not before the cardia where I have the whey protein but after that again something that’s easily assimilated into the body throughout the day it would be something like fish or poultry mixed with yellow burning carbohydrates that’d be good would be sweet potato.

Gluten-free quinoa

I like to have gluten-free quinoa myself or you could have brown rice again you could have oats you can mix it up but then towards the end of the evening I like to have a slow-burning protein something that’s a little bit heavier like a red meat so I can get a slow trickle of this free form amino acids or alternatively if you wanted to go for a supplement you could have a kassing throughout every meal and predominantly just the last two meals you’re going to have fibrous carbohydrates so that could be a salad it could be your leafy greens.

I like to have kale spinach broccoli cabbage things like that that’s got you know a lot of micronutrients in there that’s going to help with fiber with the assimilation and with the slow process of the digestion and then basically we just repeat every single day on this particular program we will be counting not so much just calories but we’ll be counting macro-nutrients the protein will stay the same throughout the entire program but the carbohydrates will reduce slightly throughout the plan as well.

Point five eight grams of carbohydrates per pound of body weight

So we’ll be starting with like point five eight grams of carbohydrates per pound of body weight and then this will slowly reduce week by week by week so you will be measuring your meals every single day like I do I weigh those meals out on electronic scales and then with the carbohydrates I will measure that out with a cup and a lot of the time I will measure everything after cooking except for maybe oats so oats would be the dry way so obviously depending on your starting point is obviously and your weight it’s going to be obviously a little bit different a female that’s somebody like 150 pounds over a male that’s like 250 pounds obviously you want to have a different amount of food so use the chart that I have below on the pages on the nutritional plate particular to follow exactly how many nutrients of each protein or carbohydrate source that you should be following exactly throughout the four weeks the beverages that I recommend on this program is like I like to have a coffee every now and again but I would save that before my workouts other than that it’s pretty much water I like to have my amino acids and my coconut water throughout the day to make sure that I’m having in a simulation of branch chains something that’s going to help with my recovery and with my hydration I don’t like to drink so many gallons of water and go to the gym and feel bloated so for that reason.

I like to have coconut water because I know it’s going to rehydrate me that much more without having to have so much fluid in my stomach you can have some green tea you know I generally would stay away from the solutes sodas even the diet sodas because of the amount of sweeteners that’s in there when you have something that you want to sweeten a little bit use some stevia put some stevia packets in your coffee or your tea or in your cold beverage people ask me what foods aren’t allowed on a program I could be here for days explaining what isn’t allowed on a program just focus on what I recommend for the program.

Best Nutrition Plan

so you know I’ve told you about the proteins I’ve told you about the carbohydrates when it comes to condiments yeah Walden farms do some great condiments there but you know you could go for something that’s very hot like a Tabasco sauce you can have some low sodium soy sauce you could have some you know low sugar vinegar s like your balsamic vinaigrette and you know like a hot mustard but that’s pretty much it I like to put on a lot of herbs and spices on my food ginger in particular because that’s a great anti-inflammatory great for the metabolism I like to have cinnamon as well and obviously you know chili something is going to raise your body’s core temperature and things that’s going to give it a little bit of taste and you know spice up the food a little bit so it isn’t so bland without adding calories throughout this program there is got to be time so I’m going to give you some tips and some advice with nutrition so make sure that you watch every single video of this video series to ensure that you get all the information that you need so that’s it for the nutritional plan remember the only failure in this plan is on the final. Thank You >>

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