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I’m here today to show you (Legs Workout) my lower body explosive power strength workout anybody that wants to develop better lower body strength and power can benefit from this workout I wouldn’t say it’s a female based or a male based only workout it does target your glutes and hamstrings so ladies are going to like that if the booty but it is it’s it’s also just important to be able to squat and dead lift you pick things off the floor and walk with weights is a functional workout all of my training is functional so for this workout you’re going to start with a warm-up and mobility sequence always important when you’re lifting heavy weights to get your hip flexors warmed up everything ready to move then you.

Legs workout

Inchworm 3 – 5 reps

Start with your first strength movement a sumo dead lift we’re going to work a few sets for this and then we go into three super sets and that’s your workout so this workout should take you about 45 minutes we’re gonna have a little bit of rust during our first strength movement the sumo dead lifts and then I want you to cut the rest out during your super sets all right let’s go so before we get into the main exercises we’re gonna do a warm-up and mobility sequence it’s about five minutes and take your time here you want your muscles to be ready and primed so that you don’t hurt yourself when you pick up the weights all right let’s start the first movement is an inchworm simple simple you’re going to bring your hands down to the ground keep your legs nice and straight walk your hands out with little movements until you’re in a nice plank position you have an option here to add a push-up you don’t need to but why not and then keep those legs straight walk your feet all the way into your hands as far as you can go and then walk those hands all the way out nice little inchworm add that push-up if you want and walk those feet we’re gonna do this a few times across the floor when I started training for strength when I switched I went through a power lifting cycle and when I started doing that I neglected warm-up and mobility yet I would come come in with clients always have them foam roll always have them warm up and get their body prepped for a movement then I would go into the gym and not do the same.

So our next move it’s an interim with a tee spine rotation so bring your hands back down to the ground walk into that plank position once you get here bring your right leg to the top of your right hand and then rotate towards that leg you bring your right arm up to the sky then put it back down switch sides left arm left leg get a nice twist here and keep that back leg nice and straight so you get a stretch on that hip flexor then hand comes back down back to that plank now I want you to jump your legs to the outside of your hands and then just reset walk it back out and repeat so I started realizing maybe I should be doing warm-ups and mobility all the time we have them for a reason so when you’re moving other weight around and your body’s not warm all of a sudden the load goes onto your joints and your ligaments and not your muscles that’s a problem when you’re lifting heavy weight.

Squat to up-dog

That’s going to lead to an injury so the next warm-up move is a squat to an up dog so feet are shoulder width apart toes facing out bring your arms up to the sky sit all the way back then bring your hands down to the ground walk all the way into this plank position and then you’re going to drop your hips into an upward facing dog really get a nice stretch in those abdominals and make sure that you feel that stress in those hip flexors shoulders away from your ears and then bring it back bend those knees come back to the squat position right arm up left arm up stand tall repeat we’re gonna do this three times bring it down hands down rock it out nice stretch bring it back that’s two this is three perfect.

Legs Workout

we have a few hip swings you’re just going to put your hip hands on your hips feet shoulder-width apart and just pick that leg off the ground and swing it nice and gently back and forth because this workout is strength and it’s power you have plyometric movements you’re lifting heavy weight you got a warm-up so we take this warm-up about five minutes and you’re really focusing on activating your glutes and then opening those hips opening your chest even so that you’re just open and ready to move now we’re going to just activate those glutes with banded isometric lateral walks so you’re going to grab a thera-band or a tubular band you want something that’s a little bit smaller than this place it around your ankles sit low nice squat with tension on the band you want to keep tension on the band the entire exercise so we have small little movements side to side really really push through those glutes this is hard just in itself even though it’s a warm-up you’re gonna feel that booty fire perfect and now you’re warm and ready to go all right dead lifts as we move through the sets we’re going to be adding weight and lowering the reps I’m going to be working up to 80% of my max so I’m going to be going to 175 work with what works for you so for a sumo dead lift you want your feet very wide.

4 sets 6-8 reps

I want you to open your hips up so that your toes are facing all the way out almost like the inside of your calves are up against the bar you’re going to reach down engage those lats grab ahold of the bar squeeze make sure everything is tight and then lift squeeze through your glutes come up twist after this workout in a very specific way you start with a main strength movement a complex powerful movement the sumo dead lift instead of a conventional style stance we’re doing sumo here I like that because it works my boots and my hamstrings a lot more I feel that way and it’s powerful I think you’re really calling from from your legs and you’re also strengthening the posterior chain in the back of the body so that is the main powerful strength movement of this workout you should be taking around 60 seconds to two minutes of rest in between your sets I think the way that people see me on social media is halfway accurate and then partially skewed a little bit I am Who I am I also look like I’m this cute little girl in New York who’s a fitness model and doesn’t really work out in just his cardio people can look at that and see this a nice girl but then like I’m going to lift 200 pounds off the ground in the gym and feel really strong and awesome everyone marcet at 1:55 so your second and third set of your working sets not your warm-up set is going to be at the same weight.

So I went from 135 to 155 and I do want a 55 for two sets and then my last set is going to be at my max for this workout 80% at 175 strength doesn’t need to be angry strength can be just strength and believing in yourself and knowing that you’re a badass without having like throw up middle fingers all the time for the box squats are going to be doing five reps and our jump squats 10 the whole super set is going to be four rounds so four sets you’re going to start in a rack make sure you have a box behind you and we’re going to be sitting down to parallel exactly on two parallel I’ll show you more when I have it on my back an important part of this exercise I want you to make sure you’re not dipping and pushing off of the bench so rather than leaning back and rolling I want you to really just tap and push through your heels as you come up use those glutes.

3 Sets 10 reps

Then you’re going to come over to jump squats sit down low in those heels and explode up I want you to point your toes as you come up and try to get as high as possible this is our explosive movement for this super set so your box squat is a strength movement sitting down trying to get back up with a load on your back and then your jump squat you’re just trying to be explosive and get off the floor as fast as possible remember a minimal rest in between your super sets you want to keep that heart rate up so for women who think that lifting heavy is gonna make them bulky it clearly doesn’t so when I’m lifting heavy weights not only do I know that I’m I’m making my body look good I’m being healthy but I feel damn awesome that I can lift that weight off the ground you’re doing something that most people can’t do and that’s that’s that’s pretty cool and that can apply to not only just lifting weights like knowing that you can do something you don’t need to flaunt it but like you know that you’re strong enough so you’re strong enough there you go who cares all right on the next your second super set of this workout is Romanian dead lifts and kettle bell swings you’re gonna use dumbbells for your Romanian dead lifts as I want you to keep everything nice and close towards your body this is all about the hamstrings and the glute – both of these exercises which is why they’re super set it together so make sure that you’re focusing on those muscle groups as you do these exercises.

3 sets 15 reps per exercise

We’re going to do 15 reps of both and three sets so for a Romanian dead lift your feet are going to be right underneath your hips I still want all of that weight into your heels so if you want to pick your toes off a little bit off the ground you’ll feel it more on your glutes and your hamstrings you’re going to hinge back think about sticking your butt back behind you towards the wall behind you stick your butt back as you drive those weights down your legs keep that back nice and straight notice I’m looking at the floor and not up in front of me alright your neck is a part of your spine so no need to keep it out of alignment look down at the ground and then the moment you feel that stretch in those hamstrings bring it all the way up squeeze your glutes kind of thrust towards the air it’s awkward but it works so the next exercise of the super set is kettle bell swings I’m going to grab a kettle ball I’m using the 16 kilo right here you’re going to place it about a foot in front of your feet toes are going to be facing out feet are nice and wide I want to lean back hinge like you just didn’t the Romanian deadlift and reach towards the handles as you drive it back I want you to think about getting your thumb into your crotch it’s a weird it’s a weird analogy but that’s what’s going to bring you all the way back and keep us light and I spend in your arms you don’t need to lock anything out all right this stays nice and light you’re pushing through your hips okay it’s a hip swing not arms reach down push take a look at my shins they’re not moving at all that’s how you know this is not a squat it’s a swing I don’t ever want to be seen as just a fitness model and just a that girl that’s in that magazine I am a trainer and that is that’s always been my goal is to be the best trainer that I can be to your last 2% of this workout are weighted walking lunges and then plyo step ups.

3 sets 12 reps per leg

We’re going to be doing 12 reps each leg for the walking lunge and then 12 reps total for the step ups you have 3 sets let’s go let’s crush the end of this workout our third super set you’re doing walking lunges which is again a strength movement slowing down stepping back up holding weight and then we go into a plyo explosive step up everyone focuses on like reaching for something or reaching for a dream reaching for a goal and I think it’s really great to have goals and have dreams but you need to also have faith that things will come to you and they’re supposed to you need to work hard up what you’re doing in this moment and know that the next things on its way I found that when I reach really hard for something it’s not very organic I have a silly analogy that I’ve used a few times in interviews that you need to focus on what’s your plate and just trust that the kitchen is making the next course and it’s going to come out like focus on what you can see work hard at what you’re doing and what’s meant to be will be this is a very high volume and very intense workout I would recommend only doing it twice a week or maybe even just once you’re working your legs primarily so you’re burning a lot of calories and as you can tell I’m out of breath so it does get some cardio in as well very intense grey workout but remember for those super sets take out that rest time that’s where you push hard. Thank You >>

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