Shoulder-Sculpting Workout

Shoulder-Sculpting Workout

Shoulder-Sculpting Workout

hey guys today I’m here to take you through my shoulder workout (Shoulder-Sculpting Workout) so today’s workout I structured it in the hypertrophy rep range so we’re going to be building those shoulders making sure that we’re rounding them out hitting all angles of the delt front middle and back we’re also going to involve some body weight movements so that we keep your heart rate up through the whole workout today’s workout has nine exercises and they’re all grouped into three different traces each tri-set is composed of three different exercises and you’re going to perform all three exercises with little to no rest before repeating that and then you’ll repeat each try set four times each for this workout we’re gonna be using a one-two-three tempo meaning on the way up for every exercise you’ll be doing one second and then you’ll slow it down on the way down for three seconds each this will really recruit all of the different types of muscle fibers and make sure that you’re getting the best workout possible all right.

Shoulder-Sculpting Workout

Machine reverse fly

let’s get started for the first triceps we’re gonna start with machine rear delt fly’s and then go right into upright rows and then handstand push-ups we’re gonna be starting with rear delt fly’s and the reps are going to be eight to twelve with these you want to select a weight that you’ll be failing in that rep range and that you can really keep that tempo going the entire time because of the tempo you might have to select a lower weight but that’s okay you’ll still get a great workout as you do this movement really focus on keeping your back tight and keeping the weight in your rear delts don’t let it transfer into your traps you can do this by making sure that you keep your elbows up through the movement and keep your hands at the same level as your shoulders moving.

Upright row

The second exercise of this triceps we’re going to be doing upright rows keeping our reps between 12 to 15 with these your hand placement it should be shoulder-width apart and as you bring the bar up keep it close to your body and make sure to drive your elbows through at the end and make sure keeping with the tempo we’re taking three seconds on the way down with this exercise we’re really focusing on the mid dope we’re gonna finish up this triceps with handstand push-ups doing 10 reps or until failure for this exercise you’ll just find the wall or somewhere that you can perform the handstand place your hands a little bit wider than shoulder-width apart and kick your legs up to the wall and then you can perform the regular push up style only instead of targeting your chest we’re targeting your shoulders because we’re going up and down if you’re unable to do an unassisted handstand push-up.

I’ve also provided a breakdown of how to do an assisted push-up in the article below it’s after you’re finished with that first triceps take 30 to 45 seconds to rest and then repeat it three times for our second trace that will be doing face pulls side raises and walking planks face poles will be doing eight to twelve reps and you want to set the cable machine to where it’s shoulder height I get asked a lot where these should be pulling you want to be keeping your elbows high and pulling them towards your face so that you keep the weight in your rear delts the second exercise of this tri-set is side raises with these you want to make sure that you choose a weight that you can keep that one-two-three tempo that we talked about so you’ll probably have to drop the weight from what you’re used to we’re going to be doing 12 to 15 reps with these you’ll start with the demos by your sides bring them up to shoulder height squeeze for a second and then take three seconds on the way down this exercise targets our mid dose.

Hand stand row

The last exercise in this tri set we’re going to be doing walking planks for 20 reps for this exercise you’ll start in a plank position you may want to put more space between your feet the larger the space between your feet the easier the movement is and the closer your feet are together the harder the movement becomes with this exercise make sure to keep your butt down and your core tight and try not to rock from side to side as you perform the movement this exercise may look easy but it’s really hard because you’re keeping tension in your shoulders the whole time and it will really cause your muscles to burn out for a third try set we’re going to be doing shoulder press front raises and shoulder taps for the shoulder press we’re going to be doing eight to twelve reps again you may have to drop the weight because it’s at the end of the workout and we’re gonna keep with that one two three tempo as you do this movement you’ll want to angle your wrist in a little bit almost like you’re dumping out a cup of water onto your shoulders and then as you go up stop right before you’re locked out and then bring it back down angling your wrists in and stopping before you lock out makes it to where you don’t get a rest at the top and you’re keeping the tension in your shoulders for the front raises we’re going to be doing 12 to 15 reps you’ll start with the dumbbells in front of your legs.

Shoulder-Sculpting Workout

Bring them up to the 90 degree angle with a slight bend in your elbows for this workout I am doing both of the front raises at the same time but if you prefer you can do alternating by this time in the workout keeping that one-two-three tempo might be really tough because your shoulders should be burnt out but just keep pushing through we’re almost done and you can rest after the last tricep the last exercise in this tri set is shoulder taps and we’re going to do twenty to thirty reps you’ll start in the plank position again with your feet either wider to make it easier or closer to make it harder again you want to make sure your butt stays down and your core stays tight to ensure that you’re not rocking from side to side as you do the movement once in the plank position you’ll lift one hand touch the opposite shoulder and then repeat on the other side I would recommend if you feel like your shoulders are lagging incorporate this workout twice a week otherwise just incorporate it on your shoulder day once a week. Thank You >>

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