How to do Push Ups for Beginners with Progression


Today we’ll be going over the proper mechanics (Push Ups for Beginners) of the push-up the push-up is a very important fundamental exercise you shouldn’t be bench pressing if you can’t do a push-up she’s going to show you the proper form the regressions and the progression is to make the push-up more advanced will be demonstrating exercise you say all right so the first step to the push-up you want to put your hands on the ground shoulder width apart shoulder over elbow elbow or wrist you want to straight back but not high back now arch and you are going down and up with the full range of motion all right now we’ll be going over some common mistakes when it comes to the push-ups first we’ll be going over we’ll give you in a March back so crystal going to push your position and then keep the ball high and this is what creates the arch back now for push-up you want to have a straight back what you want to do is curvy blood down and bring your stomach up so you create that nice left that now to fix this you want to prepare get blood in and suck your stomach in and now you create a flat surface and that’s how you push up and down an exercise which will be going over is when your hips sag.

Push Ups for Beginners

Hits sagging pushup

So is going to go into push-up position and show you what it hits sagging push-up so it’s kind of the opposite of we just dating cause of Earth or arch back but it’s because your lower body is so much arch and nine gate that this is what you get now to fix this want to raise your bottom again not so high you want to have that straight flat back and then proceed this this is where push up away the next common mistake we’ll be going over is the elbow positioning when it comes to a pushover allows people let their elbows clear out which puts your shoulder in a vulnerable position will be demonstrating it what it looks like to have your elbows cleared out during a push-up now these you see how the elbow comes out for all pushing motions your elbow wants to bend in no matter if it’s kept at a wider position or a more narrow position your elbows always bent back this is the most comfortable position for your shoulder all right the next common mistake.

Your Strenght (Push Ups for Beginners)

We’re going to go over is not going to full range of motion when it comes to the push-up you’re limiting yourself and your strength if you don’t go all the way up and all the way down Chris we’ll be showing you guys an example so all the mechanics are right there is just no full lockout and no whole depth to the bottom now to fix this simply take your time and that goal here ego and bring your numbers down and just focus on doing really proper form and going all the way up all the way down it’s always quality over quantity all right the next common mistake we’ll be going over is having forward head this is when you’re in a push-up position and you let your head hang down another common mistake is having your figures together when you go for a fishing this puts too much pressure on your wrist you wanted to by the pressure by opening your fingers as wide as possible this should be your happiness forever some people get wrist pain from doing a lot of push-ups or doing push-ups at all it involves having bad wrist mobility and non flexible wrists if you find yourself to be one of these people use a practice push-ups on dumbbells powerless or any type of push-up handles crystally show you so all the same rules applies back straight elbows then back I take a posture scuff now if you’re not able to have a set of dumbbells or paralyzed you could also do metal forceps now this is this is what you should be doing while you still practicing your push-ups but continue working on your stretches to increase risk mobility alright now that you know all the proper mechanics then it comes to a full pushup and you have problems being able to do this.

Progressive steps

Then you have to go through progressive steps this is exercises that help you build up to do the push-up this also applies if you can do a push-up at all so Chris will be showing the person one its knees on the floor pushup so the rules apply keeping your back straight you know have your knees on the ground and you’re going to mean oh it’s you guys that kind of pressure in your body then go up and down just like you learned before except that your knees are on the ground all right if you find a knee push up too hard which there is a small population I’m sure this applies to you can work on incline push-ups against the wall so similar to all those same mechanics you had before the elbows bend in straight back and you lean into the wall for your pushup now as you get stronger you move to a lower lower surface something like a table or chair a couch and as you get closer to the ground it gets harder as you get more elevated like this floor it’s easier so this probably the easiest kind of push-up you can do alright you just learn the proper push-up and what to avoid and what to do now we’ll be showing you how to take your push-up to the next level with these advanced progressions. Thank You >>

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