Lower Back, Hamstrings, & Upper Abs Workout

Upper Abs Workout

Lower Back, Hamstrings, & Upper Abs Workout

Well Betty wasn’t expecting this mess firstly in the morning day four of the eight week (Upper Abs Workout) trainer I’ll eat my breakfast and then take my clean burn and get my ass to the gym for the first cardio session of the day cardio complete 20 minutes on a Stair master again about 10 minutes traction I got to get my ass to the gym here again so either fuel up and hydrate big-time I sweated a lot during that workout so keep be mindful of that the more you sweat the more that you’re going to have to take in and maybe if you don’t have any heart problems or anything like that maybe add a little bit of salt to your foods because you will be sweating as a lot of essential salts all right catch you soon day four of the eight week video trainer.

Upper Abs Workout

we’re going to be hitting hamstrings lower back first and then we’re going to be finishing off with upper abs remember we did the lower abs at the beginning of the week so I find that by pairing up the lower back with the hamstrings is the perfect synergy at the perfect balance the perfect relationship always find some times you know when you do the back and then you do the abs together again during opposing muscle groups allow for better muscle balance better recovery may seem a little bit odd but I’ve been practicing this now for about six months and it’s working really really well we are going to start off with the most powerful movement first.

Dead lift

That’s going to be the deadlift but hiddenly foundational movements together to me make logical sense let’s see what I’ve got left in the tank here I’m going to give it my all let through this yeah that was tough harder than I thought that one’s cool so that’s pretty much lower back done scoop that’s a deadlift I feel that that’s all I need for lower back of course I’ll get a little bit of involvement when I do other movement on a lower body part so we did three sets of like 10 repetitions there which is absolutely sufficient I can really feel my glutes in my hamstring to you now when you’re doing this make sure that you keep the bar extremely close to you by extremely close fishin’s all the way down use your hamstrings use your groups to pull with light up sure your lower back will get work there’s no doubt about it so we go hamstrings next we go we’re going into superset so we’ve pretty much seen this effect all week not in this movement but we are going into a couple of those right now yeah ah okay there goes our super set.

Stupid hamstring curls

We did stupid hamstring curls I was super fetid with the glute-ham race here ten repetitions was failure very slow though controlled so once I have reached failure I immediately walked over to the flat pulldown and then I use the pole for stability and for a bit of a shock if I needed once I left it for about a minute I did that super set again and then for the final set I did a drop set I dropped the weight twice so I did ten repetitions absolute failure I dropped the weight did another ten repetitions and then I got the weight and another ten repetitions but in between those sets I was resting for 10 seconds remember this is a DPP extreme set however many repetitions that you get out is the amount of rest that you burn Sawyer in ten seconds in between then immediately came over here to the exact same repetition on the blue home raise once I reach failure ten repetitions.

Upper Abs Workout

I got rid of the bar and I used the floor as my systems to explode at the bottom and back at the top I didn’t make it to ten repetitions I couldn’t my hamstrings are too fried so now I just want to hit one more hamstring exercise and then we’re done for that boom I pick the hamstrings today last exercise we did was like a stiff legged deadlift and we did that with a cable I find that you can really isolate the hamstrings even more and get a real good stretch out of the cable of course you can’t go as heavy that’s why it’s good to do it at the end of your hamstring workout so I did three straight conventional sets of 10 repetitions and then go and again for 3 sets total all right while you’re 30 part of today’s workout adds upper abs abs are done now afraid.

4 sets of super sets

So we did four sets of super set back to back started off with a deep line fitter which say at around 12 repetitions and what I couldn’t do any more repetitions they always came straight onto a lion setup now you’ll notice I’m going slightly to the side from one shoulder towards the opposite knee those coming across and then down and then coming across and down knowing that I’d work a little part of my obliques and a little bit of my inter costals which runs just on the outside of the ABS as well but I can really feel it in the ABS and give that for Phyllis s in total so we’ve done time to get the post-workout shake in and then I’m heading up for an aerial yoga class of cardio for me is there going to be a lot later this evening let’s get a shake in our first day for workout is wrapped all of that which we targeted with dead lifts hamstrings and then finishing off with AB now remember the recovery starts right here I’m going to assist my recovery with an aerial yoga start.

I’m going to further increase that recovery process which by doing my cryo therapy so let’s not keep my serial yoga instructor lights in because I’m absolutely petrified of women men I don’t know about but let’s not keep her waiting this is unconventional in regards to yoga if you want to explain a little bit about it right you’re not going to find it in every village when you can decompress the spine and help align your posture it helps improve your lifting posture so if you let’s say how poor looking posture on a squat you can’t quite keep your heels down so you’re always elevating them because you can’t sit upright this is one way we go upside down to help lengthen that back helps with balance there’s postures that you may not even be able to do grounded on the floor that you can completely do with the fabric hanging upside down I’ve seen some protect Li a lot of progress in within myself I cannot always stretch I’ve done yoga plenty of times.

Fell the progress

I didn’t feel the progress as I have here and that’s what’s kept me coming back but now as I become older more used to it now I feel so much better plan thankful for so that was an hour session that I normally have once or twice a week it’s good all right thank you very much after the accompany okay okay how much she loves me tomorrow we’ll be back there all right thank you so just finished out the aerial yoga now now we’re racing over to have micro therapy and my other therapies and you know I’m really close on time so obviously I just got to get my meals in whenever I can go to do what you got to do cannot miss a meal have a missed one for over 17 years now is too much pressure on my shoulders the ED amiss or now it’s in the corn and fry it with it feeling cold irin called yesterday good evening it’s a bit of a late one for me it’s gone midnight had a lot of work to do at the fan when I go back so is what it is today was a successful day for us as they always are hit cardio first thing in the morning in the 20 minutes 150 twists remember every single day you going to do this hundred fifty twists I don’t care when you do them but I do suggest that you do them was the mornings cardio so you get them over and done with you. Thank You >>

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