High-Volume Back & Biceps Workout

Back & Biceps Workout

High-Volume Back & Biceps Workout

I Am back with biceps Training again this week we’ve got (Back & Biceps Workout) a few changes number one with our macros our carbohydrates are coming down from point five six per pound of body weight now here what’s changing with the workouts with the BGP extreme.

Back & Biceps Workout

Forget Things You Do Before

Last week we would have done ten repetitions to failure then a second set to ten repetitions of failure then we do ten strip the weight after a ten second rest and do 20 and then on the fourth set we would do ten repetitions rest for 10 seconds 20 rest for 20 and record to another 10 repetitions with the same weight this time what we’re doing is 10 repetitions to absolute failure savings what we normally do then on the second set we do 10 repetitions for failure strip the wait wait for 10 seconds and punch out another 10 repetitions that’s what we do for the first two sets and then on the third set we will follow the same pattern as what we do last week 10 repetitions strip the weight and do 20 repetitions on this next strip the wait wait for 10 seconds and punch out another 10 repetitions Trinity’s this week what we’re doing is prioritizing lap movement even though it looks like a row it is a kind of a row but it’s a high row so if you haven’t got one of these machine

1st Exercise (Chest And Back)

You can hold on to a lap pull down but lean your body back stick your chest out arch your back you’re coming at that angle similar serve angles where I am we are targeting your upper lats but you also get a bit of crap too important third set then ten repetitions throughout Victoria strip the weight and punched out another 20 after that 10 second rest which trip about the same man unzipping stripped away and then once we’ve done the 20 we rested for 20 seconds and punched out another 10 repetitions with the same way so the 3 sets there with a multiple of set moving it drive ex that’s it we’re done

2nd Exercise

second exercise here as you can obviously see reverse pull down again first set is 10 reps absolute failure I did a couple of warmups first to make sure that the back and the bicep tendons are warm because you can know you get a bit of flexion here to eradicate a lot of that flexion remember you don’t have to straighten your arms especially in a reverse grip you know it puts your elbow and your wrist under a little bit of a stress ok so now we’re going to do 10 repetitions remember and then we’re going to strip the weight and perform another efficient the third set was ten repetitions of failure strip the weight rested Prettner 20 seconds did 20 reps and kept the same weight on their just rested for 10 seconds and performed another 10 repetitions for the same weight so within those three sets we were done and now we’ll go on to a rowing rowing movement now okay so we found this sexy little rowing machine here.


I’m going to give it a go and the choice in pictures each year is rigging awesome I’ve got a hammer strength row here or I could choose from but you can use a cable row you can do a bent over row you know I sleep right at a right angle you know sure your back is pretty much parallel to the floor anything a target for trap so remember wherever your elbows point that’s pretty much the target area that you’re going to be hitching on your back and then the second set here do ten repetitions one side on the 10 repetitions are rested for 10 seconds which took me about the same time to change the right Andry strap my wrist and performed another 10 heavy repetitions felt very heavy so now put the weight back down to 10 wraps and then rest for 10 seconds and perform 20 reps rest for 20 seconds and then perform another 10 repetition for the same way 6 exercise.


so our last exercise for back is hyperextensions to target the lower back and the erectors muscles running up either side of the spine so for the first Satyam holding a plate here which I could go heavy and a little bit faster use a bit of momentum like a couple of plates but I’m using a one and I’m going very slow and contrasting on thunder at the top of the movements making sure at the top is basically how low to the floor the second set here I’ll grab hold of that same weight again and do ten repetitions and I’ll drop it and grab hold of the ten there and perform 10 repetitions straight after the 10 second rest remember cool and this exercise is really really tough like I haven’t done this exercise for good five months on the third set or grab a twenty plate again to ten repetitions rest for 10 seconds and 20 repetitions so no wait they’re just to try to get the 20 and then rest for 20 seconds and then punch out another ten repetitions with no wait oh that’s back done

Lower Back

I’ve got a hell of a pump they’re really isolated and localized into the lower back and your actors so that’s it back is done now from top to bottom left to right front and back we’re done were cooked so now we got biceps left to do so bicep tendons are warmed up from some of the rowing movements that we did so they’re in the perfect place to be obliterated they’re conditioned to it so let’s uncondition them and get them to adapt by evolving and growing to the stress that we’re about to put them on go then starting with a preacher I think we did preacher on a different machine in week 1 week 2 we did a spider curl and week 3 back to a preacher again a different machine but still preacher and it feels good you know being able to really isolate the area because that’s more important now because as we died down we lose a lot of fullness from lack of glycogen lack of complex carbohydrates so it’s really it’s much harder for us to get a pump now normally you know like when we did the 12 weeks in India man got a pump so easy straightaway picking up any exercise because had that much glycogen pumping around a body obviously the carbohydrates hold fluid so you get a better electrolyte balance mineral balance is perfect.


You know we’re a little bit off now as we’re drastically dieting hard still maintaining the muscle though but losing a lot of fullness and losing a lot of that contraction that goes with it so that’s why I’m going mainly for machines now and areas that will isolate so I can really feel the contraction within the muscle that I’m trying to focus on even though I’ve got little carbs in their second set 10 repetitions rest for ten strip it do another ten I’m going mainly for machines now and areas that will isolate so I can really feel the contraction within the muscle that I’m trying to focus on and I really want to feel every single exercise because we’ve only got four workouts for body part the machines coming out on top third set now we’ll do 10 and then strip the way through 20 reps after a 10 second rest at 20 second rest and perform 10 repetitions we don’t need much rest period in between now just a minute as a smaller muscle group okay that was a little bit heavy for the final set I went a little bit heavier my eyes were bigger than my muscles are to strip the way to go lighter just to get the 10 repetitions out and then when we rested for 10 seconds I stripped the weight so we could perform 20 I wish relia that I think is like 12 and then I rest paused

Muscle Cuts

I got a hell of a pump low let’s go on to the second now because we’ve got to keep it intense remember smaller muscle group keep pounding the blood in there alright so now we’re moving onto a barbell a free weight exercise because now we pre fatigue on the preacher curl so now we’re it’s easier to isolate that area like I said you know we hunger much glycogen in us system so I generally wouldn’t start with this exercise until I got some blood in there so now I feel good going heavy on this exercise so done a couple of warmups just on 10 repetitions here to failure now we’ll get ready for the second set 10 reps to failure drop the weight rest for 10 seconds and do another 10 so did another set there 10 repetitions for failure with the same weight as we did with the first set rested for 10 seconds strip the weight and in another 10 repetitions you’ll notice that I don’t straight my arms all the way down on this particular exercise especially when you’re going heavy it can put your bicep tendon under a little bit of undue stress so I want overextend back and biceps done now so now we’re going to have our post-workout shake do our cardio so it’s pumped up now so we’ve been in 40 minutes on our training days now we’re bumping at that up to 45 minutes.

50 Minute Exercise (Back & Biceps Workout )

I know this week and then we’re going to be doing 50 minutes on our non training days so before you do your cardio later on this evening you need to do your lower abs and your soleus the portion of your carbs so how I want you to perform this is do the repetition scheme exactly how we did it on all the exercises today on your seated calf so you’re going to start off with 10 repetitions to failure then your second set will be 10 repetitions to failure strip the weight and after 10 seconds you’ll do another 10 reps then on your third set you’ll do 10 repetitions to failure strip the weight rest for 10 seconds do 20 reps then rest for 20 seconds and do another 10 with that same weight and every time that you’ve done a set on the seated calf press you’re immediately going to go on to your ad so it’s a superset so there’s no rest period between the set of your calf press and your abs so every time that doubt enters your brain or tiredness or exhaustion from anything that’s going to hold you back just think next week next week it’s all over that’s what I’ve got to go towards it’s that sense of urgency now let’s grab it by the teeth and rip it out you know let’s go for it it’s the only way that we’re going to get the results is by being mentally stronger than the next person if we want to get results that the other person can’t okay so anyway I’m going to leave few and love you and get straight into my cardio now catch you later. Thank You >>

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