High-protein Waffles

We’re getting waffles High-protein Waffles what is in here sunshine so buckwheat flour egg white German says it’s a super simple to put the full recipe easy to do and then use a little coconut cooking spray and oh fat cottage cheese low-fat cottage cheese defense of protein low-fat cottage cheese protein powder powder buckwheat flour add again two egg whites so three types of protein they’re good amino acid profile a little tiny sprinkle of salt lots of cinnamon sit and oh yeah and a little sprinkle of love and a little love and here’s one pot is another one we put your lovely jubbly and this is a topping that is being used what we’ve done other and this is a sort of prepared earlier pancake syrup so I suspect is known as it may find it to be a yak Nikki tick it off oh dear good job the camera’s not facing them down already and we got a little bit of whey protein crunch whoops what you have to give a little bit of crunch because I like a little bit of angry food in a morning and that’s just a way a protein punch i don’t make a habbit everything’s but it’s it’s nearly my birthday so what then I will celebrate danke Schon good morning state 27.

High-protein Waffles


I decided to go for a slow jog this morning maybe jogging isn’t adequate for you because remember you have to keep your heart rate at around 55 percent of your max and for me it’s generally a slow jog that gets that and so my 35 minute jog this weekend is there going to be the last today and tomorrow of morning and night or aim and p.m. because we do bump it up to 40 minutes as of Monday we have to continue to evolve the training intensity goes up Cardian goes up and the Cowley’s slightly comes down also recalculated based on our body weight so today the name of the game I’ve got to do this I guess I’m work done and then there’s a new skatepark opening up here this afternoon that is being opened by Johnny the owner of element element skateboards and there’s going to be a lot of pro skaters there so I’m going to pop there for a quick showing and then I may I’ll see how I feel may go for a swim in a lake for this afternoon’s cardio yeah that’ll be the name of the getting I think and you know just I’m thinking about recovery you know make sure that I recover adequately this weekend a lot of people miss misinterpret the word misinterpret eight the word recovery and sometimes they think recovery is when I’m not saw that’s when I can train again it’s a when I can hit a muscle group again and you know it there’s a lot of terminology a lot of pieces of terminology behind recovery that’s incorrect to me recovery allows it.

Better perform

When I’m ready and which allows me to perform better than I did the time before so Monday I have to perform better than I did the Monday previous that’s how I know recovery I set in that’s how I continue to evolve and you know that goes through a lot of things you think about it you burn out in a relationship it’s not getting any better until you take some space maybe talk to a therapist talk to each other whatever the same thing in the workouts you have to make sure that you’re completely recovered in order to perform better following time so that is my goal this weekend making sure that every single supplement is in place I work on my mobility get some stretching done do a yoga class get some foam rolling making sure I’m hydrated making sure my gut is healthy to absorb and assimilate the fruits to assist with that recovery get my cortisol levels down remove my body of inflammation so then I feel completely recovered to perform better on Monday and I’m listening to great audio book by Ben Greenfield now called beyond training.

So I’m going to get back to my book and I’ll speak to you soon okay it is the end of day 27 and not that much to report to be honest with you because even though even though it’s a Saturday I spent most of their day working after I went to I went to a skate park after cardio this morning I went to a Skype skate park opening after I’d had waffles at Sunshine’s place high-protein waffles and then I went to Barnes & Noble the book shop here and I just worked I ended up writing some articles answering a lot of emails doing a lot of socials putting together some competitions editing some content and before you know it pink in there for hours and then I just I went and did my second card which was on a Stairmaster first cardio is a run this morning and then I came back here prepped some food how to wash and now it’s 11 o’clock so I’ve spent most of the day working you know it’s good though it’s productive and it’s stuff that I enjoy doing so I don’t consider it as as much work as as much as you know fulfilling my potential you know if I enjoy what I do and if I’d been given the or allowed this purpose to deliver content and people listened to it and you know I can change people not only just from the neck down but from the neck up.

Take advantage

I’m definitely going to take advantage of that and if I’ve got some time and it’s not a stressful situation and I’m definitely going to do that so that’s what I did tomorrow morning I’m going to get up hit my cardio and I actually have somebody that’s flown in from Dubai here to train with me for four hours four hours all the way from Dubai he did what he actually does online training through my Christian comm website with one of my trainers and he asked if he could fly me over first laughter by put me in this nice hotel and whatnot but you know hotels a hotel a flight a flight that I don’t want to go on and I wanted to leave here if at all possible so I said like you’re welcome to come here and I’ll I’ll meet up with you and train you here if you like you know we’ll go to the supermarket who stay in the grove hotel he’ll take him to the supermarket educate him a little bit on the specific foods based on his blood type and food allergy reports that he’s delivered to me and then based on his you know his genetic makeup I’m gonna take him to the gym and show him specific angles they exercise techniques rep ranges etc etc and that’s it you know I think I’ve got four hours I’m eating with him so you know.

I’m at again naturally honored absolutely floored actually that somebody would fly all the way from Dubai just to meet with me for four hours you know it’s friggin mind-boggling but I’ve obviously found something that I’m relatively good at that I you know I don’t say that I’m awesome at this out of arrogance it’s confidence I do believe I really really do know what I’m doing when it comes to manipulation of the mind you know in a good positive manner and the body you know I know that I can change people’s lives for the better there’s no doubt about it I feel very confident in my role in that so I’ll do whatever I can to deliver on that promise and continue to get better and better because I’m always wanting to learn anyway so write better and make sure that I get up and get all my cardio done and a fruit prepped and whatever so I can give this gentleman 110 percent. Thank You >>

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