High-Intensity Leg Circuit Workout

High-Intensity Leg Circuit Workout

High-Intensity Leg Circuit Workout

So today’s workout is a lower-body (High-Intensity Leg Circuit Workout) Lake circuit and the difference between this workout and most leg workouts is that you have minimal rest between sets I love this style of training for legs because it will shock your body and to change so if you’re a person that’s used to doing a lot of stuff on the leg press and taking a minute rest or a minute and a half this is a great workout to really shock your body into changing once again over time if you continue to do this workout you will see a massive increase in muscle definition in the legs so the exercises of today’s workout are a kettle bell side squat leg extension reverse lunges seated hamstring curl body weight squat and finishing off with a defensive slide drill so for today’s workout each exercise is going to be 30 seconds your rest will be as you’re transitioning from machine to machine or exercise to exercise you’re going to complete this circuit three times and this workout should not take you any more than 15 minutes.

High-Intensity Leg Circuit Workout

Kettle-bell side to side squat

So on the kettle bell side squat you want to make sure that your proper spine alignment and that your knees are not coming out over your toes so those are the two things that you really want to focus on during this exercise if you don’t have kettle bells available to you don’t worry you can use a dumbbell on this exercise you want to select a weight that you’re going to be able to perform for the entire 30 seconds and once you get the weight you’re going to perform a squat and then on the way up you’re going to sidestep with this exercise you’re going to take three steps to the right and then come back in three steps to the left and just repeat that for 30 seconds this is going to work the legs in a multi-directional way whereas a lot of leg exercises only work front to back so this exercise is great for definition on the lateral and medial parts of the legs as well as for athletes because I plates obviously need to move multi-directional.

Leg Extention

So moving without rest right into leg extensions with leg extensions the thing that you really want to focus on during this exercise is choosing a weight that is not too heavy you want to be able to do it in a manner that is fast-paced but you’re not going to blow your knee out while you’re doing it so make sure it’s something where by the end of the 30 seconds you should feel an insane amount of burn and that you’re keeping the movement very very smooth and not jerking the weight up and down because that does place and completely unnecessary stress on the knee so with the reverse lunges you do not have to do this exercise with weight but if you want to you definitely can the biggest thing with lunges you really want to be aware of your knee placement a lot of times I see people doing lunges in the gym and their knees coming way out over their foot so with this exercise you’re simply taking a step back dropping down performing the lunge and then coming back up going back to your starting position and doing the same thing on the other side.

Seated hamstring curl

The hamstring curls kind of the same principles as the lay extension you want to choose a weight that’s challenging but you’re not going to be burnout after the first 10 reps the second thing is is you want to make sure that you’re keeping your butt firmly planted on the seat and you’re not sliding all around it’s very important to make sure that you’re preserving your spine and other areas that can get injured during this exercise.

Body weight squat

The body weight squat you can perform this exercise obviously using no weight same principles as the kettle bell side squat you really want to pay attention to your spine alignment so you don’t want to be bending forward and cheating the exercise the other thing you want to be aware of is again that knee placement not coming out over your toes so that you’re dropping straight back and placing the majority of your weight on the heel that’s how you’re going to get the movement to really play stress upon the glutes and the hamstrings rather than your quads and your knees alternately if you prefer to use a leg press for this movement knock yourself out on that you’re going to want to go wide foot stance and again the same thing don’t come down below 90 degrees with the defensive slide you want to get into a squat position and you want to transition again explosively out of the turns.

High-Intensity Leg Circuit Workout

These slides are going to be covering about five yards of distance this exercise is specifically for side-to-side movement and it really brings in the beautiful lines of definition of the size of the legs which is what everybody wants and gets you kind of away from getting locked into that front to back movement which most leg machines offer so again you’re going to go through each one of these six exercises for a total of 30 seconds with no rest in between and you’re going to perform the entire circuit a total of three times and this workout should take you around 15 minutes this workout can be integrated into your training split by it being the mainstay leg workout for you for up to four weeks and then I recommend switching into something else or it can be an additional leg workout so if you’re up for training legs twice a week this is a great supplement to doing other things that most people do in the gym on light day. Thank You >>

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