Healthy Steak Recipes 3 Ways

Healthy Steak Recipes 3 Ways

Healthy Steak Recipes 3 Ways

Show you steak three ways (Healthy Steak Recipes 3 Ways) you know one of the proteins that we tend to use a lot steak chicken fish the steak is probably the best in protein but it’s very hard for the body to break down so we only use it two or three times a week unlike chicken where we can use every day so flank steak comes from the butt of the animal or the abdominal war so it’s very very tough it gets a lot of action imagine walking it gets tough so it’s a very inexpensive piece of meat flank steak but it has great flavor and it’s very versatile so the first one I’m going to do flank steak with an olive oil and balsamic marinade using olive oil balsamic and mustard now here’s the interesting part whatever you use mustard it’s been emulsifier but it actually thickens and flavors at the same time you can use any type of mustard you like English French Dijon just adds a lot of depth of flavor whisk this together.

Healthy Steak Recipes 3 Ways

When I was getting everywhere now remember balsamic is the little salty little sweet but it goes really well with fake as I’m doing not seasoning the steak and putting it right into the marinade get it covered up wrap that in plastic wrap put it for a couple of hours in the refrigerator before we cook it so you can marinate this in the morning and then come back and evening sit on the grill or saute it do we get this beautiful looking steak now the key with flank steak is really simple you have to make sure you slice it on a bias because of the muscles so what bias means just on an angle to cut through the actual toughness of the muscle again this is a great dish it’s fast fees a lot of people very inexpensively and if you look it’s cooked to perfection medium-rare slice on a bias nice and thin Faisel another great pressure click it or chop it just little guys but also as a little flavor flank steak with an olive oil about sanic marinade simple effective.

Flanks steak with jicama salsa

So the next one I want to show you flank steak again we’re going to make a jicama slaw or jicama salad or salsa whatever you want to call it but it’s really simple jicama is a tuber is almost like feels like a potato it’s hard but has a very very clean fresh crisp taste so we’re going to take some tomatillos some jicama that is actually diced press Tomatoes little lemon juice the oil and cilantro mix it up and this is best done the night before because you want all the flavors to meld make it a day before the night before rapid in plus wrap stick it in to the refrigerator cupboard and get them flavors going together little salt remember when you add salt it draws out the moisture all that flavor and a little pepper that goes to the refrigerator done then marinade for this is really simple we’re going to take a pepper now remember when you’re playing with the jalapeno peppers wear gloves.

Most replayed (Healthy Steak Recipes 3 Ways)

If you touch your face afterwards or any other part of your body is going to burn little garlic oil lemon juice pop on it let it land let it get all the flavors they keep from the jalapeno because that’s what’s going to impact the flavor onto the flank thing remember the flank steak has very little fat so we have to impart the flavor remember it’s a muscle that’s used a lot on the animal so the base flank steak goes in marinate it plastic wrap overnight get it on the grill in the saute pan in the other whichever way you like to do we’ve got ourselves already there’s a trick if you see what happens to what’s happening on my board right now is moving take little paper towel that’s been wet onto the counter and then test or borne on through it what that actually does it stops the board moving and you cutting your fingers so there we are just fake again beautifully cooked medium-rare juicy delicious tomatillos lemon juice in that that the jalapeno salsa and again we want we want texture we want flavor the member is marinating the how because it’s going to be hot just like that tikka masala and jalapeno marinated flank steak simple effective vibrant flavors.

Cumin coriander flanks steak

So the last one I’m going to do is a cumin coriander dry rub mix the two together and you want to make sure you play with the herb and the spice in the pots are you meld and mix them nicely onto the top make sure that we rub it in oh yeah now again if you want to get more flavor you marinate and this is a dry marinade by the way you might need it a little bit sooner put that on the grill off we go while that’s cooking into a bowl I’m going to add red onion red onion is sweeter than any other onion so it’s got a very different flavor very different texture roasted red peppers added into the mixer little cilantro black beans great for protein little vinegar and olive oil mix them together and the cool thing is we’re adding layers of flavors so none of these have salt in them but we need salt to bring out the flavor so a little salt just like the pepper these can be done the day before my nade make the salsa the black bean salsa all done when you come on ten minutes oh yeah now dry rubs are really good because they had a lot of flavor very fast marinating when you add a liquid to the state remember this you’re adding liquid and if you’re putting into a pan liquid boils and it doesn’t sphere which means it’s hard to get that golden brown color on it on a grill it’s much easier medium-rare fresh healthy ingredients with great flavor great texture niente when we cook that’s what we want we want great flavors and great textures and to find this out a little bit presentation is everything. Thank You>>

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