Gamer & Lifter and the Life of a Professional Streamer

Gamer & Lifter

Gamer & Lifter and the Life of a Professional Streamer

So what I’m doing right now I’m out in my home gym (Gamer & Lifter) actually we’ve been fortunate enough to get our own place and of course you got to live that dream and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do is put it in my own house we’ve been having a lot of fun with that and having a lot of fun sharing like we’re doing right now but also live so one of the things I’m doing is getting the stream started I got up got a nice little desk set up out here got the pre-workout on dick and I’m actually getting the stream starting soon as we speak so we’ve got some people hanging out ready to get this go and so if you guys aren’t familiar let’s put up showing you here new delights so what I’m going to be doing is training and do a much set doing some dead lifts today it’s going to be a lot of fun and certain questions in between and hanging out with people who want to watch so it’s going to be a lot of fun and we’re going to be bringing you guys along with us start off with this workout and then going throughout the rest of the day but I definitely appreciate the opportunity to make some videos for body bloom calm we’re going to have a lot fun we just want to get this workout started so let’s get to it yeah all right so far so good oh that looks not easy today but we’re getting it.

Gamer & Lifter and the Life of a Professional Streamer

Conventional and instead

So I think I’m going to change up something a little bit well I warmed up doing sumo which felt really good but for the heavier stuff and for me like 315 335 s getting to be kind of heavy not that strong yet working on it though but I’m going to switch over to conventional and instead of doing but by father thing I want to do is 3 by 5 315 which I just did that now I’m going to do 3 by 3 2 by 5 with 335 just to make sure that I want to push that 5×5 range up so like kind of happen half of 6s then that’ll be good way to do it.

So we’re having a fun workout so far but put down 335 on the bar so I’m gonna get a little serious let’s get through it honey that second set totally the first grapple the second said boom I got to do another one I got doing sue for go for happen today all right since we hit all those nights that 12 Hooksett above through her pouch is pretty good for me that’s money the bank’s plan we’re going to celebrate with a couple sets of four or five we’re gonna see how many I want to do I’ll do as little as one feels plenty but all this may is three to finish this workout for the day.

Heaven Throw down

let’s get to it now that has wealthy men what a fun workout today welcome to heaven Throw down but what we do is let’s take a look at this overall put it like fifteen fifteen total sets that’s three hundred or above that feels real good man I like that I’m a big fan of volume even if it means I’m not lifting quite as heavy weights the whole time a lot of work it’s two hours of dead lift so that’s what that’s what I like man so I’m going to take this way up stretch out do some Q&A with the stream and then it’s going to be heading outside of this nice California weather for a walk with my lovely wife Ginny so that’ll be good man that’ll be good so this date started off real good and I’m having fun hanging out a few hopefully you guys are doing the vlog so far keep it going subdued so even though I’m bulking it in a surplus and not doing a whole lot of cardio.

I think it’s probably still a good idea to go out and get some cardio going and honestly like this is an intense cardio by any means but it is just nice to get outside and walk around you can fitness if I it by calling it cardio but I think what it mainly is is just nice to get outside see some see some green grass blue sky fresh air is good for me in general so and it’s also nice to spend time with my lovely lady they had Janie it does feel nice to be out here but yeah I was an awesome dead lift day really fun doing those gym streams well and I know I’m not the only person who likes to play video games and work out but that make us a surprise of some people that there are people who like to live the games and games lifestyle as it were it is cool to have that opportunity to spread that around a little bit inspire some gamers hit the gym you know real help some Fitness people realize that gamers like to workout too but the main thing is just you know the people who do like that games and games they know not the only one out there so that’s a lot of fun but as part of my day I wanted to share with you finally time to eat.

Chicken rice

So here’s what I’m working with right now this is pretty much well this is like two or three meals a day for me is a big old thing the old container you know Tupperware like a real bodybuilder of chicken rice so chicken there on the bottom I know maybe like twelve ounces of chicken ate 12 ounces chicken and then a couple cups of rice I usually am much more diligent about tracking Maya my food when I’m dining and I definitely recommend did you get yourself on a food scale figure out what you’re doing track your intake so you can be a little bit more precise about achieving your goals now I’ve been doing that for a long time and now that I’m bulking too I get a chance to sort of eyeball this so I would imagine this is between 812 ounces of chicken and probably honestly like 4 cups of rice so it’s a bit of food not too crazy but what I’ve done that this is the secret a few secrets to my chicken and rice is why I can eat this all the time as one I don’t really mind eating check the rice I think it’s good too I take apple cider vinegar and I drizzle it on before a microwave it after you put in microwave then you get some this nice kind of syrupy teriyaki sauce which is nice and I’ll have this I’ll just sprinkle some salad on there and then sprinkle some ranch on top of that and that will be my meal and I’ll eat this like I said around like 2 or 3 times a day eat it before I stream then I have a company old wall mistreatment and at the end of the night this this is a fun for let me show you this at the end of the night we get to have first of all this is this is this is a bulking special don’t usually.

Chocolate milk

We’re not Vulcan but we got some fair life chocolate milk right here stuff is addictive watch out it gets some of this a half half a thing of this with half a thing of weight for the best best chocolate granola chocolate cereal I’m a chocolate – a chocolate scene best chocolate syrup ever found is this Archer farms double double Chocolate Chunk granola right here watch out back on stuff that’s if you’re not bulking that like refeed day only cheat day only approved right there how how Fat Boy do you think we are thus take a look look at them look at them games Peverley eating here today that’s nice that’s that’s games are they’re getting nice and fat ball happy not eatin we head into the office maybe I can show you my setup a little bit then we start playing video games for the day so it’ll be a lot of fun in a great day so far I hope you guys enjoyed joining me for some of it probably show you little bits out though but now time to eat baby alright guys so with the games portion of our day aside from recovery of sitting in my chair and eating all day portion of our day completed now I get to play some games so usually I play a lot of World of Warcraft that’s like my favorite game of all time the game.

Gamer & Lifter

I play the most for the past you know six seven years my gosh almost but today we’re playing a new game called for honor so we have the stream has started up getting it going right now shake it out people are joining the chat already have the stream starting soon about to play my my Viking raid are gonna be pretty hype man so the rest of my day is mostly going to be kicking back and playing some games by show you some clips of the Volga generation if we have some fun moments today and that my friends is how we do it around here but um days not over yet but definitely a good one so far hope you guys have enjoyed watching definitely appreciate you get yes oh my he’s not gonna go he’s not gonna go yeah online Oh cally you gonna get him oh yeah yeah I got revenge so I could pop revenge to save me from the bleed when I threw him off holy shower finish up the stream right now it’s been about seven hours the game play today is free damn good it’s been playing a lot of fur owner did someone be ones the warm-up had a good time and then we kicked some serious both my buddy chance aka soda pop is a 2v2 bracket add some amazing games there probably show you guys some highlights of those already and they just finished off real strong with some Dominion beat down. Thank You >>

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