Fat Burning HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout

Cardio and Abs Workout

Fat Burning HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout

So we’re just heading out to soccer right now like (Cardio and Abs Workout) to get an indoor soccer game in once a week the first thing I said when I wanted to my first bodybuilding show was that I wanted to look a certain way like I wanted to look and have that eye static physique that strong physique but I also wanted to be strong and I wanted to be athletic and that’s why I keep playing so I kind of keep pushing myself with different exercises in the gym and different training methods things like Tabata and intervals these are all techniques that enhance performance during every phase of this freak mode 12-week trainer going to be performing hit cardio and a course circuit between your weight training workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Cardio and Abs Workout

HIIT and Cardio

You can do the hit cardio portion of this workout on a treadmill elliptical rower bicycle you can even do it in the pool you can do it on the track you can do it around your house you can do it in your backyard the point is to get the parameters right I’m gonna do my hit cardio today on a cycle in the gym if I feel very stiff before attempting a hit workout like the one I’m gonna do today on this cycle I just like to roll out and break up some scar tissue loosen things up because I’m giving you two forms of hip cardio for this program on Tuesday and Thursday I recommend that you utilize them both what I do is on the Tuesday for example I do hit cardio where I do 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest and you’re going to repeat that for up to 12 minutes at a minimum you can gradually progress up to 20 minutes as a maximum because if you’re doing this right 20 minutes is all that you’re going to be able to do of hit intervals when you’re doing hit cardio on this program I need you to go 85 to 90 percent of your max intensity when you’re working when you’re resting you can lower that intensity level to 50 percent or in some cases complete rest it’s up to you I’m using a spin bike but if you’re using another stationary bike at the gym probably has a clock on it that you can look at so I’m just going to make my own here which is what I usually do on the Thursday.

Tabata [ Day 4 of your split ]

Tabata style for your Tabata intervals you’re going to be going full-tilt for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest and repeating that for 4 minutes and some of you may be saying 4 minutes isn’t enough for me well give it a shot first try it out see how it feels because if you do it right I guarantee you you will be destroyed after 4 minutes but by all means if you have more in you and you want to go longer then repeat that cycle again do it for 8 minutes do it for 12 minutes do it for 16 minutes and if you have the guts do it for 20 minutes here we go 20 seconds on 10 seconds off.

Cycle [ Tabata 4 minutes ]

let’s go so on your hip and course circuit days I want you to start with your hit interval and get that done and out of the way when you have the energy to do it right you’re going to be putting everything into that hit cardio that’s why it’s four minutes because you’re going full-tilt when you’re done that you’re going to move into your core circuit now your core circuit is a combination of five simple exercises and these are exercises that have been shown in studies to be the most effective at stimulating your abdominals obliques and lower back muscles here we go first exercise is the plank get into that plank position on your forearms and go for 30 to 60 seconds so what I’m trying to do here is pull my shoulder blades back and down tighten up my core by vacuuming in my stomach and of course don’t forget to breathe.

Plank [ 30 – 60 seconds ]

This is one of my top four exercises simply because it’s functional and hits your abs your obliques your low back that’s it all right next exercise we’re going to go into your side plank it’s really fire up those obliques so I’m going to reset my stopwatch here I’m going again for 30 it took 60 seconds I lay on my side I’m gonna stock one foot over the other I’m gonna get that for I’m perpendicular to my body when I’m ready in a bridge up I’m going to hold some trying to get that hip up because the higher I push that hip the more I’m going to feel it in the oblique muscle that’s 30 I’m going to reset it I’m gonna hit the other side now for another 30 seconds that watch ready to go and I can put your hand here here you can also add rotation with or without a dumbbell if you want to make it tougher next exercise I’m going to hit is my bicycle crunch across the body great movement for the obliques twist and extend your legs the goal is not to touch your elbows to your knees although if you want to you can the goal is to get full range of motion alright.

Knee raise on parallel bars

Next exercise set it up nice and tall knees up 10 to 20 reps if you want to make it harder straight like and if your abs are not burning by this point and then you’re doing something wrong I want to make sure that you adjust it to the right position what I mean by that is you want to make sure that you’re free to pivot from the hip joint and so this has to be low enough to allow that range of motion full stretch I want you to start with one circuit of doing these exercises back to back so starting with that plank going into that side plank moving into the bicycle crunch then the captain’s chair knee raise and finishing off that lower back extension you’re going to go from one to five with little or no rest in between each exercise and that’s going to be one set that core circuit will have your abs obliques and lower back on fire once you’ve become accustomed to that you can increase the two rounds and then finally to three rounds.

Medicine ball twist (Cardio and Abs Workout)

I’m giving you alternate exercises for poor like the AB wheel roll out the medicine ball twist the bird dog extension squeeze and extend as far as you can and the reverse crunch lying on your back tuck your hands under your butt relax your lower legs down and that pelvic tilt in so on Tuesdays and Thursdays you’re doing hit and core circuit on Saturdays are going to be doing a traditional cardio session longer duration so 20 minutes all the way up to an hour long whatever you like to do could be running biking swimming for me it’s playing a game of soccer these guys are just gonna like just tear me up right now they don’t give a I mean you know I come into a soccer game and I’m like I’m so sore from my leg workout still or my upper body’s killing me and they’re like come on man what are you talking about let’s go on Sundays I want you to take a rest of it if you feel that you don’t need that rest day you can also do another day of steady state longer duration cardio. Thank You >>

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