Chest and Calves Workouts

Chest and Calves Workouts

Chest and Calves Workouts

Today so obviously with chest I figured it’d be good idea to get (Chest and Calves Workouts) some forced repetitions out today so when we cannot do any more repetitions by ourselves the training partner assists so I’ll assist Adam just to get out a couple more reps and he’ll assist me so we both get something out of this because we both normally train by ourselves so we’ve just finished the first exercise here last week we prioritized the lower chest this week we’re prioritizing the upper chest right underneath the clavicles here on this machine if you don’t have one of these machines available by all mean use dumbbells use a smith machine use a barbell whatever it is that’s going to target the upper portion of your chest we’ve got Hammer Strength machine available to us so obviously we’re going to take advantage of the toys that we’ve got here so we perform the full set much like we have the other sets on the other other weeks.

Chest and Calves Workouts

we did 10 repetitions to failure then a second set of 10 repetitions to tell you after a minute or so rest and then we did 10 SEC 10 reps to failure rested for 10 seconds for firm 20 and then for the fourth set we did the 10 repetitions rested for 10 sessions for firm 20 rested for 20 men performed an extra 10 with the same weight so now we’ve done up a chest there we’re going to move to another portion of the pecs which is going to be the middle so we’ll move on to the next exercise we moved on to the second exercise you know which is the flat press again we’re taking advantage of the machines here you can use a dumbbell you can use a smith machine barbell.


Whatever is available to you we’ve done the upper portion of the chest right underneath the clavicles nice and high on the incline now we’re coming to the middle portion of the chest you will always get crossover whether you do decline up a for middle or whatever it’s good to change things up though you know prioritize in the lower portion last week now we go to the upper region but we still want to try to get all there as if possible so for that reason we’re due in the middle portion of the packs right now you should generally be a little bit stronger on your middle fibers as opposed to your upper fibers that’s quite normal so let’s see if we can match the weight even though fatigue is set in as we do the flat now make sure that you control the negative push out the port there positive we’ve got a training partner today so take advantage of going a little bit heavier so self-doubt shouldn’t be there because your trading partner can take that away from you so we’ll get a couple of four straps out of this if you see that he’s telling me I can go and get my water now I can go get a drink when it is tuned for a set he’s just trying to get a get a rest out of us her name.

Exercise for chest

We’re starting the third and final exercise for chest now lower packs on the cable crossover when you’re doing this make sure that you are slightly leaning forward only very so slightly and you’re coming right down with your elbows pointing up towards the ceiling so many times I see people fail and their elbows drop and their wrists come up and they’re just going to up their rotator cuff so make sure that your elbows are up board you’re coming right across the body because you’re trying to get from right underneath your armpit to attachment right into your insertion right into your origin of the muscle they’re under the sternum so you should be able to put your hand in your cleavage and it should get you aroused you know Hey next set now this is the strip set.

Last exercise for chess

So we’ll do the ten to failure rest for 10 seconds strip the weight and do 20 so final set of the last exercise for chess now so we’re going to do the 10 repetitions of failure rest for 10 seconds strip the weight through 22 failure rest 20 and then do a 10 extra reps for the same weight try to squeeze and contract your chest for about 10 seconds after this to really focus on your lower portion of your packs so you get a better mind muscle connection when you actually perform any exercise you’ve got a good neuromuscular pathway there so we did the same principle we did 10 repetitions to failure 2 sets like that rest him just enough for Adam to go and perform his sets and then we would get a tenth and then rest it for 10 then did 20 and a full set we did 10 repetitions for absolute failure rested for 10 seconds then stripped away to about half of the 20 rested for 20 and performed another 10 with the same sort of weight done man okay so that’s it that’s the end of the workout so we did the strip sets on a calf press which was on a leg press but you can do it on a leg press you can do it standing on a standing calf press if you’ve got if you haven’t got one of these available and you’ve got to earn the two days off that we’ve got over the weekend.

Chest and Calves Workouts

So now we’re going to have our post-workout shake then do our cardio remember you’ve got 40 40 40 minutes to do today and then you’ve got another 40 minutes to do this evening and you’re going to be doing abs this evening as well so you’re just going to be doing conventional crunches okay just flat conventional crunches with your legs slightly raised but over the weekend remember it’s active rest you have to stay on top of your nutrition so I recommend that you cook your food tonight if you’ve got time available so if you do go away for the weekend you’ve got no excuse you have your Tupperware containers you got your cool bags you’ve got your food ready frozen or whatever for you to weave throughout that weekend and you have 45 minutes of cardio to do twice a day over the weekend remember it’s increased by four to power five minutes now on our non training days for 45 minutes in the morning after breakfast and another 45 minutes in the afternoon you’ve got to do that over the next two days. Thank You >>

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