7 Must-Do Tips For Huge Arms

Tips For Huge Arms

7 Must-Do Tips For Huge Arms

Hey guys today I wanted to take you through some tips (Tips For Huge Arms) and tricks I’ve learned over the years for trading your arms all right guys let’s get into our first exercise for biceps it’s going to be standing alternating dumbbell curls all right so the first tip I have for you specifically for biceps is to internally and externally rotate your hand through the rep what I mean by that is as you near the bottom of the rep you’re going to go from here down to here you’re going to allow it to rotate what that’s going to do is it’s going to allow the long head of your bicep to become fully stretched and extended at the bottom of the rep whenever you have to start curling from that fully stretched and elongated position it’s a much harder rep than it is when the muscles already partially contracted and it allows for maximal recruitment of the muscle.

Tips For Huge Arms

Tips For Huge Arms

so as we continue through the rep that rotation when we come up the external rotation will actually force both heads of the bicep different tracks further than if you were to just curl it like that the second tip I have for you today is one you can apply to any bicep exercise that you’re performing and that is to pull your shoulders back when you’re performing your bicep motions what that’s going to do is is going to take your front delt and your chest out of the equation so whenever the reps start getting hard you’re unable to go like this because your shoulders going to be pulled back and all of the motion has to occur at the elbow joint whenever performing it most people you see how my shoulders are over we’re curling yeah it works whenever you pull your shoulders back your biceps are locked in your elbows are locked in and you’re able to get a much better contraction by doing this.

Seated inline curl

So throughout the rep whenever you keep your shoulders contracted you’re able to keep all of the stress on the bicep this tip involves the use of a bench to change the point of attack on the bicep and allows for truly isolated bicep motion now let me show you you can do with the bench to truly change the dynamic of the exercise all that it’s going to involve is taking the bench and one maybe two bowls down we’re in a position where we’re lean back and we truly are with the shoulders back and the elbows back what this does is it places all the stress on the bicep this variation of the bench curl I like performing with a actual bicep curl instead of a hammer curl because you can truly isolate the bicep and get a better contract Jim by using this angle on the bench what’s important when you’re doing it this way is to keep your shoulders back whatever you’re at this angle like this you have a propensity to come forward like this to try and curl it that’s not right you’re going to be using your chest and your front delts you want to stay back with your scapula contracted keeping your arms and elbows back in your elbows pin now that we’ve gone over the tips that I have to offer you for training your biceps let’s move on to the tips.

Skull crusher

That I have to offer it for training your triceps so my first tip that I have for training triceps today it is to not flare your elbows when performing the motions what this does when you player your elbows is it takes a lot of stress off of the tricep and places it into your elbow elbow joint and the various tendons that anchor your tricep and your forearm into there let me show you what it looks like when performing a skull crusher whenever you flare your elbows like say like this whenever you’re coming back I can already feel this on my elbows and my chest and my shoulders all of the stress has been shifted from my triceps to the supporting muscles that I’m not even trying to train by doing this like I said before we’re truly isolating the motion so the only motion that’s going to be happening is that the elbow joint your humerus the long bone and the top of your arm is not moving so as previously mentioned we’re going to go just shy of lock out in an effort to keep constant tension on the muscles.

Dumbbell kick-back

So my next tip I have for you today just to internally rotate your hands or to turn them in as you perform the motion near the peak of the exercise what that’s going to do if a it’s going to allow for maximum activation and contraction of the whole tricep while placing an emphasis on the outer head of your tricep which is an often neglected portion of your tricep first I’m going to illustrate this tip to you using a dumbbell kickback and then I’ll show you what it looks like on a rope presto alright guys so to start we’re going to have the dumbbell here in a neutral position and then also we’re going to have our arm like I previously said we’re going to keep the humerus is straight and is in its original position as possible we’re also going to want to freeze the shoulder joint and allow for as little motion as possible having all of the motion from the elbow joint looks like this so as we extend we’re going to start with a neutral hand position and we’re going to rotate back and out truly allowing to isolate the tricep especially the outer head matta left showing you how to really internally rotate your hand on a dumbbell kickback let me show you what it looks like on a tricep pushdown.

Triceps pushdawn with rops

Just like all of our other exercises we’re going to want to keep our humerus really pin the shoulders back and as we move through the motion we’re going to want to internally rotate our hands keep our elbows pinned and truly externally rotate there’s a much much heavier contraction and a lot more stress is placed on the actual tricep you really kind of ply this tip to absolutely anything that is an awning bar that’s connected anything that use a dumbbell or a cable for a rope for anything you can definitely use this tip and you’ll definitely get a benefit from using let’s move on to my third and final tip for training triceps this one has to do with close grip bench press the problem I have with this exercise is people tend to keep their hands way too close what this does is a places an extreme amount of stress on their wrists be really places a lot of stress on the AC joint in your shoulder joints and see it takes a lot of the stress off of your triceps what we’re going to do is scoot your hands out just a little bit you’re still going to be close for me it works out to be approximately my pointer fingers on the start of the knurling.

Tip- Bring hands in slightly but not to close

We’re going to get out here we’re going to keep our elbows tucked and you’re going to keep all the stress on the tricep by doing so so at the bottom of the rep we’re able to keep the elbows tucked the stress on the triceps and we have a firm firm grasp on the bar and not an extreme angle on your wrist looks like this alright guys so now that I’ve gone over some general overarching training techniques to use for when training both your biceps and your triceps I’ve included a workout at the bottom of the page for you to try and apply them to the exercises picked for this workout really are conducive to applying these tips and techniques.  thanks >>

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